Ancient Codes Reveal Health Secret, COVID Protection, and Youth Living in Any Time.

Ancient Codes Reveal Health Secret, COVID Protection, and Youth Living in Any Time.

  • These remarkable words from go seem dignified and straightforward. However, on closer inspection, they present convincing arguments. For example, why do we need another proclamation given to us now that has the Ten Commandments in Moses – Moses, that is, you/me as a moral man.
  • To find a handle on the understanding of the ‘new doctrine’, the fact that man exists must be obscured: that, each of us comes into the world very much, sleeping deep in human bodies with mortals.


  • This article will introduce the term ‘instructions’ and will address how finding resistance to COVID is at our weakest point.



The Corinthians makes it clear that John 13-34 does not refer to caring for everyone on earth in such a loving way.


  • Perhaps, because of the ‘available human / mortal brain’ level, John 13- 34 speaks of individual transformation, transformation – a caterpillar-like transformation. And, as we will see, this ‘transformation’ changes everything beyond the state of ‘normal man / mortal mind’ – ‘man’ to ‘image’.
  • Due to the accumulation of common crimes a man – before the international resurrection – a direct relationship with God did not work. In any case, at present, the ‘new commandments’ reveal exactly how the person/mind came to be, accepted as a quick understanding of understanding; how this internal change transforms the whole body structure from the ‘normal’ to the other side of the world, the basic metal into gold, mortal resembling a god, at present, in this apparent, and when that happens, the condition is seldom lost.


What are the Commandments?

  • The decrees, while appearing as ten different guides, cover all-inclusive laws, the immutable laws of nature, the unchanging laws that are responsible for a different changing world, and the creation of all creation ‘. The ‘new commandments’ later are not the extension of the ten natural laws, rather, they are the same ones that joined the Whole.

We should force the following:

  • Digit 1 = Man + digit 0 [Divine] = 10, which means Fulfillment. 2 – 9 equal numbers referring to the growth of 1 person – normal / mental – up to 10, appropriately combined or whole. The decision to be alone in this way is an authority, which means a continuous continuation of directing understanding. An inner look of how you can live in a deeper way.
  • With 10 drawings of the Wholeness image, Completeness, as a result, ten-10, like the Commandment, points our ways to the recognition of Unity, to the timeless values of the Law. All in all, unlike reading as the Ten Commandments, the best should be taken with the application of the ‘Commandment 10’ – the proclamation of Unity, Unconditional Love, Completion, 1 + 0 = 10.


  • The new order, therefore, strengthens the human foundation to its climax, to the perfection of understanding. The spirit of good peace – while at the same time in the past – the laws of nature: the consensus of the outpatient air and the indisputable laws of the ‘common man’.
  • Set in a timeless life, the Heart holds its Law of Love as a whole in order to speak well in a certain sense. Like a caterpillar, fundamental to human beings is the extinction of the soul from the case of karmic slavery to the eternal state of the Butterfly of Love, thus freeing from the convincing cases of the laws of nature and the misery associated with it.


  • In line with these lines, what if we divide this piece into edible pieces, after which we will work with coded language and find out what is inside the human body of this new command, and how Alchemy applies to all purposes.



John 13-34 is complete

  • “Jesus said” – the scriptural word “Jesus” is a title given to the Ideal, or Perfect Man or Mind, the inactive Christ within all spirits waiting for the ‘birth of a foreigner’ to be known. The following words “Jesus said” are of the Supreme Wisdom: the radiation of the inner power – the Perfect Mind.
  • Also, – following an internal awakening
  • ‘For now – the second current that lasts forever
  • ‘Me’ – Possible awareness – I am higher ‘I’ than I have a lower conscience ‘I’.
  • ‘Give’ – order fraud or weather forecasting
  • ‘You’ – in our deep-growing minds
  • “A ‘- clear
  • “Teaching” to vibrate Love reverberation: a nervous system configuration that works with Pure Consciousness directly.
  • “Love” – the integration of the 12 senses in the mind: A measure of Alchemy within the human nervous system.

Put another way

  • “And, right now” – confessing the Higher Self.
  • Me – Awareness of ‘I am’ is an eternal understanding.
  • “We have given you” – a revelation to our earthly Self.
  • “new” – the limit of knowing eternal life beyond the admirable state of “ordinary man”.
  • “Declaration” – Directory: Knowledgeable / intelligence of one’s previous assignment or understanding.


  • “We love each other” To awaken parts in the cerebrum and sensory system to withstand a higher level of awareness – supernatural understanding – while in a related ‘time’ world, hence the alignment of internal resources – mental/nervous system – with non-contradictory environmental laws, commands.

Or again

  • Moreover, Now [in the Transcendent Moment] I give you [give him] the awareness – of the mental/auditory / posture system, the higher vibrations in which it will be developed in the right way – that of the unadulterated supernatural understanding, in this way, the infinite state.


Kundalini, 12 Apostles and 12 Cranial Nerves

Interestingly, Jesus, in John 13-33, speaks to the messengers: “you [as an ordinary man] know it”

  • The Witnesses and the cranial nerves, therefore, have the same power, each aimed at achieving the unifying body of the divine voice: ‘supporters’ or neuron channels that work through earthly life or, by living by the Holy Spirit. These 12 integrated devices, connected to the spinal cord, form a sensory system that focuses on the coordination of the entire body and its well-coordinated action.
  •  the association of nerves, neurons, or nadis that connect the body to the most focused system of fear.
  • Interestingly, we now have a second ‘mind’ in the abdomen called the solar-based plexus, which means the organization of the sun – a community of angry integration with other important bonds that honors the soul that grows in the deepest sense.


  • At a time when Jesus in John 13-34 says “and now I give you another commandment” in a logical way, this ‘New’ is directly related to awakening the cerebrum network clearly to a higher renewed state – to neural pathways that integrate all physical and mental abilities appropriately. These functional hobbies have given reasons: they work with amazing quality that transcends the real body to eternal recognition while having a real body.


  • The new order is therefore about stimulating kundalini, the miracle of alchemizing that stimulates the brain. This phenomenon of kundalini, known as [the] Ascension or Reservation [of consciousness], has been transferred to the spinal cord, making it a very important course in healing the pine and body organs, which, at the same time, stimulate and transport cranial nerves to foreign aid. , in these lines to build a lasting understanding of the rapture.

Two situations to be aware of all this time

  • Basically, the transition between alertness, dreaming, and deep relaxation, with the knowledge of new charging awareness, the sensory focus system finds another setting, a course of action unknown recently, that of accompanying eternal happiness to realize without misfortune; a nervous system that tolerates two levels of recognition all this time – relative [natural laws] and direct [beyond natural laws] – not already thinking at the level of the ‘normal person.
  • The Bible indicates a love for the truth. All in all, the New Commandment, in its internal information, becomes the Truth about ordinary daily life – in this way, [Truth] will set you free [from a limited human influence, sleep state, or physical state of consciousness].

Two questions

  • With regard to the above scripture referring to the mind and the nervous system, two clear questions arise: how do we ‘love’ each other for the purpose, love the 12 resources, and how can we start this communication?

Fortunately, Luke 9-48 gives the correct answer.

Jesus said to [the apostles] – 12 cranes:

“The least of you all is the best”



  • The term ‘minority refers to the prevention of a low-level image that wanders and pays attention to the ability to understand the thinking. Carrying 12 cerebrum resources’ ‘at least among all of you is to make the dispersed tendon smaller, sharpening to ‘point’, which involves concentrating in the middle of the cerebrum to increase the brain’s limit to resist the most significant steps of greater energy or Bliss. Sharpening the roaming power first Solving the state of astuteness. The training incorporates psychological resources – 12 witnesses – that allow non-invasive awareness to show throughout the physiology.- – to incorporate a non-invasive framework.
  • ‘Love’ in this way is combined with combined attention, as the metals of the mind transform into the mode of otherworldly objects, ascending to a higher level – from the flesh to the greater concentration. Turning to be small in this way gains the harmony of mind / and otherworldly things, as a result of the fulfillment: “the least of you is the best of you all”, is how the ‘New Commandment’ comes to the real recognition of each individual.

Youth awareness at any stage of life

  • The fundamental law of the universe in order, with these lines, by opening the mental pressure to the great agreement in the imagination, the karmic designs of the ‘ordinary man’ are incorporated, respect based on the movement of the seed-natural product.
  • In the case of a ‘point’ or ‘minimum’ consideration the unbreakable framework is also brought to the forefront of the larger application – the size of coherence and understanding – where it creates a guaranteed self-defense mechanism for anticivic and non-invasive antigens entering the body.


  • In line with these lines, as the nervous system is focused and functioning efficiently, the well-being of the disease-free cell is made physically as a result of the preservation of youth awareness; when a point or concept with 0 has been extended to understand resistance to perfection, after which good health is created. Therefore, thinking, which creates a new order, is the key to expertise in enduring love and getting to know young people. Our state of mind is founded on a common sense of timeless satisfaction and well-being, at any stage of life

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