Coronavirus – Bible verses on developing Invincible Immunity, and Optimal Mental Health.

Coronavirus – Bible verses on developing Invincible Immunity, and Optimal Mental Health.

  • “It is the fundamental right of each person to live a life that is happy, healthy as well as revered “.– Yogi Bhajan 1969.
  • The sentiment is shared by a number of greatest sages across all time including the prophetic writers of the Bible.
  • Keep this thought in mind by utilizing some of the most amazing Scriptures, let us illuminate the spiritual horizon that is the root of all happiness, health, and peace.



  • We will first examine the way that the mind, body, and physiology are developed, and then observe their roles in the creation and maintaining optimal well-being, peace and joy, and especially immunity in this coronavirus-related time.


  • In a practical sense, it is esoterically what does this passage of scripture has to do with us in this day and age.
  • Genesis 1-1 does not refer to the creation of the outer physical universe, but rather the creation of the inner universe.
  • “Heavens” is here an expression of your mind as well as its hidden creativity, using the word ‘earth as a symbol of the body’s physiology.


“in at the start” refers to the creative process through Primordial energy.



When it comes to the development of the physical body, what element is in play?


  • When we say “God created” This refers to God the Holy Spirit created’, which is the Kundalini life force that was created.
  • Also Kundalini, the primordial eternal energy is the life force universal that creates itself.
  • So, from an egg-sperm seed perspective of the embryo, Kundalini’s life force sets in motion the development of the entire body-mind structure.


  • Genesis is the Bible that states, God the Holy Spirit — Kundalini – spiritual feminine power, also known as Shakti — is the one who creates the mind and body out of her divine elements that by now reside within this joyful embryo.
  • Genesis emphasizes the human soul’s creation and its potential for creative reproduction that includes mental and physical health and does not refer to the creation of the external physical universe.
  • After completion, when your vital organs have formed, Kundalini falls asleep at the base of the spine, for the later awakening through the vibrational signal. If this kundalini energy comes back, it will form a different bodythe ethereal body aid in creating and establishing the eternal cosmic consciousness as well as a consciousness of union with the God-Eternal.



  • The ‘new’ spiritual body forms by the Kundalini rising to the brain, from where it is united with the LORD and is referred to by many as Shiva or other titles and thus the biblical mystical union.


Creation’s Protocols


  • When we wake up, more spiritual awareness starts to emerge. Like — that the body’s physical form is the final part of the human nervous system as is the nerve system is the final result of our mind. This mind is the final product of the initial Creator as revealed the Genesis 1-1 story states: “In the beginning, God created the heavens as well as the earth” Mind-body, soul, mind.


  • Thus, to cleanse and neutralize the negative patterns of karmic recurrence, it is important to bring your nervous system along with the five sensations back to one who created the mind that can be described as God The Holy Spirit. The Primal Kundalini energy.


  • To achieve this in the course of our journey through the spiritual wilderness the events can lead to profound realizations, prompts to the need to make vital life-altering choices, such as the desire to read spiritual books, esoteric texts or listening to soul-motivational material, or attempting to develop a disciplined mental exercise like meditation or yoga. That is how we return to Source to receive spiritual service and the karmic integration.


  • Regular meditation can help awaken our dormant Kundalini which, after getting to the top chakra within the brain, transforms our mental wilderness of ignorance into the Garden of Paradise.


Scriptures Concerning Kundalini Re-awakening


  • which means, awakening to the sleeping Kundalini and resulting in self-realization. Unity awareness..God Being Pure Consciousness this state isn’t being experienced through an impure heart, senses that are conditioned, and an unhealthy nervous system.


  • In the same way, Pure Consciousness shows Itself by Itself, to Itself, the state of Transcendent Consciousness.


  • Therefore, transcendental bliss can’t be realized through the birthing of our lower self – hence purity and transcendence can only be achieved through regular meditation.



To achieve this goal — awakening to the Transcendent Scripture reminds us of the path.

What is the best way to ‘Lift Thy Rod What is the best way to do this?


  • Recall Genesis 7-17 about the flood which lifted Noah’s Ark. The Ark symbolizes the brain, or the human mind, which God filled with Kundalini happiness] as well as the way the Ark-mind came to rest on top of a mountain, a symbol for the most heightened state of consciousness or consciousness. The dove Noah later released symbolizes the peace and love that is experienced after the inner awakening.


  • Kundalini Flood –– which has five chakras below the brain as well as two mid-brain chakras. Seven energy-generating centers are designed by divine command to facilitate the soul’s return to God the Father. Soul liberation to the pure state of consciousness.


  • To activate the Rod activation, go between the eyebrows, and then begin the faint inner hearing of Om or. This creates an energetic vibration that triggers the kundalini. It is then able to move up the spinal column and the Rod is “lifting”. The lifting activates other chakras in the spine, and particularly the Thymus gland, which is responsible for the creation of mature antibodies, also known as T-cells to fight within the brain which is responsible for the release of Growth Hormone, a vital hormone to sustain youth consciousness regardless of the stage of.
  • This passage is bringing attention to the chakras of seven species and their unique function in the creation process.


  • When each chakra is awakened and opens up, higher levels of spiritual profundity are revealed and accessible into our consciousness. Among them are profound insight, intuitive awareness, and perceptual understanding, which were previously unknown to the lower levels of our animalistic brain and are discovered.


  • These “Revelations,” which are cosmic nuggets of wisdom, reset the lower intellect and mind-body system into being aware of higher states of consciousness.



In the end, since daily meditation builds the immune system to external antigens essential to each of us attain heart-centered consciousness which is the fifth chakra that triggers the inherent ability to establish unbeatable immunity and overall health as well mental well-being for everyone.


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