Semen’s Value and How to increase the volume of Semen?

Semen’s Value and How to increase the volume of Semen?

  • It is believed that young old age can be the prettiest period to live. A large number of youngsters are born from childhood into old age and don’t realize the importance and true pleasure of youth. Because of our society’s bad habits children, the majority of them are able to play with their bodies by themselves and are afflicted by a variety of sexually transmitted diseases and ruin their lives through the destruction of semen.



  • Young people today are destroying their life’s jewel (semen) by using their own hands either in a state of ignorance to enjoy one moment of bliss, and, as a consequence is being plagued by various illnesses. We must first understand the meaning of semen. and its significance in the world.


What exactly is Semen?

Semen is a liquid compound that contains sperm cells with plasma fluids. It’s white sticky, sticky, and greasy that is released from the penis during sexual interaction or during masturbation. It is visible also. In the female reproductive organs, it acts as a transmitter of the sperm cells. It transforms into an ejaculated substance that is sticky. Semen is the lifeblood of the body and is important for good body function.


It’s a crucial aspect in life:

  • There is a belief that a drop of semen can be produced out of 40 drops of blood. It is easy to understand how valuable and precious this semen is to live. Semen is a vital part of a body that sparkles in the eyes and shines through sparkling cheeks. It is also considered to be a treasure in life. Semen is created by tests cells in the blood and contributes to the vitality of the body and organs. Semen is produced from the marrow, which is in the bones but is not exposed. It is a cause of illnesses too, especially should it be utilized in sexual activities that are not needed, especially to satisfy oneself.


  • This is why it is essential to fill it up since it gets smaller with every exhalation. In ejaculation, it is estimated that the median volume of semen released is 2 and 5 milliliters. thousands of sperm present in the liquid of semen. It’s shocking to realize that on average, between 15 million and 200 million sperms are available during ejaculation. Only a handful are able to fertilize female Sperm.


How do I get more semen to ejaculate?

  • Are you looking to increase the amount of semen you produce? Below are some easy methods to encourage you to ejaculate more semen.


  • 1. Healthy Diet: It plays an important role in growing the volume of semen, particularly the essential fats and zinc. According to research, nearly 70% of the zinc that you have in your body can contain within your semen. It is crucial to not just increase testosterone production, but also for increasing the amount of sperm and semen.


  • The most potent zinc sources include oysters as well as red meat, dairy as well as beans, and nuts. Additionally, essential fats are crucial for the creation of testosterone such as Omega 3 fatty acids. Foods like olives and olive oils flax seed oil, flax seeds, and fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are fantastic sources of testosterone. This hormone controls your sexual desire and reproduction function.


  • 2. natural semen enhancement pills In addition to diet, natural semen enhancement tablets are the most well-known and effective option to increase the semen volume from a median. They are formulated with effective amino acids and herbs as well as other nutrients that increase your semen production a plethora. They aid in the production of greater quantities of semen in just several months. the increase in semen can enhance enjoyment from ejaculation and can be beneficial for sex. In order to increase the flow of blood in the penis in sexual stimuli, and to improve sexual drive through an easier and firmer erection could be considered one of the benefits of these tablets.



3. Natural Supplements:

  • In addition to this, the natural ingredients related to semen could also boost the capacity to can ejaculate, which means you could experience a hefty orgasm. These supplements aren’t associated with any negative side negative effects and are also recommended by respected medical professionals.


Night Discharge-Causes, Symptoms And Its Prevention

  • I believe that evening discharge or nightfall or a wet dream are all the same and refers to a condition in which a person ejaculates semen, involuntarily, and is with the help of an erotic dream.
  • Night Discharge is caused by sexual activity that is seen in dreams or as a result of dreams. It is common among males and begins when you reach puberty. It is a common experience for men however, no one would like to talk about it and remain silent about it even among their closest acquaintances. It has been observed that males who are not married or are not sexually active are more prone to nighttime discharge. This shouldn’t be a problem for as long as it happens every now and then.


  • However, excessive nighttime sleep is not something to be avoided. It is a sign of trouble when it is frequent and causes anxiety or discomfort. It may cause adverse effects like sexual weakening, premature ejaculation, and Erectile dysfunction. On the other hand smoking, unhealthy food choices excessive alcohol consumption, and a hectic lifestyle could cause frequent nighttime discharge. This could be due to numerous causes and aren’t harmful. The theory is that this issue generally decreases with old age, but if it happens frequently, it might be cause for worry. Here are the main reasons for nightfall.


1. The primary reason for nighttime sleepiness is inflammation of the prostate gland as well as nerves and muscles that are weak and inability to manage emotions.

2. It can be caused by the inactivity of sexual activity for a long time as the sperms continue to form following puberty, and the adipose testosterone sperms are maturing at nightfall.

3. Porn-related movies or reading explicit sexual content and having a discussion about too much sexual content can lead to a nighttime halt.

4. Self-stimulation of the private area by rubbing on the sheets or pillows on a frequent basis can cause problems with nightfall.

5. Insufficiency of the body’s hormones, causing the nerves to become weaker and eventually lead to sleepiness.


  • Due to the night-time discharge, a person feels an inability to perform physical, mental as well as sexual activity. It also affects the sexual capabilities of men since the sperm count typically declines in males, leading to an inability to have sexual pleasure. The most common signs noticed in males experiencing nighttime sex are like these.


1. Restlessness, fatigue, and weakness.

2. Urination problems: Feels burning when the urinary tract.

3. Unwanted leakage of semen from underwear.

4. Sleeping difficulties and having sexually explicit dreams in the night.

5. Insomnia, lack of concentration as well as pain in the legs and back are all possible as a result of nightfall.



  • The primary method for the prevention of night-time discharge is to alter your lifestyle. Living a healthier life, and giving up smoking and drinking of alcohol, and consume healthy food is the initial step to avoid these issues. Foods that are nutritious have a positive impact on stopping the discharge of night. Another way to avoid wet dreams is to cut down on the occasional habit of masturbation. Also, stay away from watching porn films, or porn content, and reading. It is also essential to meditate, so look at ways to relieve anxiety and stress. Many believe that if you take a bath, and then add essential oils for relaxation, such as sandalwood or rose oil prior to going to bed They sleep soundly and are unaffected by the time they fall asleep. Some people believe that methods of meditation are effective.


  • Natural remedies are beneficial and a good alternative for those who wish to prevent issues with night discharge or nightfall. As an example drinking sage tea prior to sleeping and the same amount of celery juice and honey is believed to reduce unintentional accidents in the night. The most effective and efficient method to prevent or avoid nighttime problems is to use supplements with herbal remedies after consulting with a physician. The doctor may recommend herbal supplements that could improve your sexual performance and reduce the risk of developing Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation due to discharge from the night.

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